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In 1945 the Department of Veterans Affairs opened a prosthetic departments to assist World War II veterans. When a civilian would attempt to make an appointment at Deer Lodge, they would be told it was for veterans only. An employee by the name of George Anderson started to provide the service at their house. Therefore, when a civilian was asked where they got their prosthesis from they would reply “From Anderson's House”. The name continues.

In 1946, George Anderson decided to quit Veterans Affairs and opened a prosthetic clinic keeping the name Anderson's House of Orthopedics. The business evolved and over the years orthotics was included as well. The original house was on King Edward Street, later moving to Notre Dame near Sargent Avenue. A fire destroyed the building in 1982.

The company moved to St.James Street in 1983. In 1994 the company expanded to Brandon and has developed clinics in The Pas. A year later, in 1995 Anderson's House had the opportunity to move to Deer Lodge Centre when Veterans Affairs closed their prosthetic department.

Our Mission:

Provide a superior quality of treatment that patients prefer, rehabilitation professionals recommend and employees are proud of

Anderson Orthopedics' goal is to provide the following:

A treatment plan to help our patients attain their goals and achieve their maximum potential.

Prosthetics or Orthotics that are fabricated and assessed using state of the art practices, quality components and suitable designs.

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Our Testimonials

As a new patient at Anderson Orthotics I have to say I’m extremely pleased with my initial results. As a patient at another clinic I found myself extremely frustrated with how my progress had stalled, the continuous adjustments and excuses began to wear on me. At first I blamed myself and condition for the tough fit but after 3 or 4 visits to Anderson I’m walking straighter, taller and most importantly, more comfortable. Peter is a genuinely nice guy and takes your concerns and opinions to heart. He explains everything clearly and work is done in a timely manner and with great skill. So happy I made the move and will be able to get on with life. Mexico here I come… and I’ll be able to walk!!

I've been at Anderson Orthopedics since 2014, and never regretted it. Front desk is friendly, and Peter is always helpful, open to new ideas, and really good to get along with. They have helped with getting funds, which was great. I'm sure thankful I came here, and would definitely recommend it.

Excellent service all around. Reception is always smiling and helpful. Had a great AFO brace made a few years back and now in the world of prosthetics these guys bring years of experience from literally around the world. As an athlete they have pushed me further than I could have dreamed! I wanted to keep up with my family and now I run circles around them, thanks Anderson Ortho!

They have been able to provide amazing service and care for customized braces that few can provide.

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